About us

CN Manufacture Tech is specially  providing metal stamping part,metal tooling, stamping die,metal parts,injection molds & moldings, chome, assembling etc all in one service.

We have professional team over 25 years experience that will help you to develop your projects and make them success.

We provide your very affordable price, we always make medium price quotation and provide our high quality and perfect before-service & selling-service & after service, make the top quality and good efficiency production mode, we are a partner of yours not only a supplier because we always think on your side, you will love to work with us.

Every project has its own dedicated management team, this team follows the progress from inception to completion. Our diversified engineers can speak good English and we are always ready to make your idea a reality. Good design can yield quality parts and long life time last, Quality is the core of our business. We have  been awarded ISO9001:2000 certification. We manage to control the cost on the details. We deliver our products following your delivery request. We can work flexibly to achieve your urgent delivery target. Our goal is to make you succeed. we continues to improve on quality, technology, environmental, human resources, information technology management system.

To force the company with customers to establish a seamless service.Our team looks forward to participating in the success of your next project.

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